Val d’Ardoux Health Center
by Oglo

Val d’Ardoux Health Center is a multifunctional building located in Cléry-Saint-André, France, and designed by the architecture office Oglo.

Oglo is a young architecture practice based in Paris. They received the European 40 under 40 award in 2019.

According to its authors, like an arrow in the landscape, the project distinctively anchors its geometry to its surroundings.

The building not only looks towards the city center of Cléry-Saint-André but also towards the rest of the project’s site.

The singular architecture of the care home seeks to illustrate the gathering of different medical professions under the same roof.

This project is a health complex for the Communauté de Communes des Terres du Val de Loire.

The central patio allows light to penetrate at the heart of the building. All circulations are naturally lit and benefit from the calm and strong interiority of the distinctive open-air inner space.

On the exterior, the soft meeting of light with the materiality of the facades gives life to the different shades of brown. It is a reference to the soil, sand and the day-to-day architecture found in Cléry-Saint-André.

The rigorous drawing of these facades and their regularity bestow the building a public aspect easily readable for the passers- by.

Never interrupting the sober rhythm of the windows openings, the purposely uneven brick generates visual vibrations visible from away.

For Arnaud and Emmanuel, founders of Oglo, the traditional ‘moulded by hand’ fabrication and joining of this particular brick gives the project a classic yet timeless aspect.

Authors Oglo - Arnaud Dambrine, Emmanuel de France
Location Cléry-Saint-André
Project team Anne-Claire Lemaignen, Jeanne Meuriot
Consultants/contributors Camille de Besombes (Signage design), ESBAT, ETE45 (Engineering), Cabinet Gilbert (Economist)
Surface 1100 sqm
Year 2015-2018
Client Communauté de Communes des Terres du Val de Loire
Photography Schnepp Renou

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