vers une industrie légère
gramática arquitectónica

A small company whose activity was related to wood and furniture needed a place to work, and selected a privileged plot of land in a forest on the slope of a small mountain.

As it expanded, it became time for the woodworking company to have a new building – complete with areas to showcase its unique products to their clients.

The project, designed and developed by gramática arquitectónica in Barro, Galicia, Spain, gave careful consideration to the natural landscape and context: just a few white buildings surrounded by trees.

As the neighbouring plots were developed, soon there were no longer any trees or forest and the landscape quickly changed.

Now surrounded by industrial areas; grey concrete boxes; the company wanted to stand unique, and dissociate itself from the adjoining factories and companies.

The result was Vers une Industrie Légère, a manifesto, as a new way of understanding industrial environments. More than a factory building, it is rather a place where clients and the workers can enjoy the industrial process.

A green area was added to the plot of land. Functioning as a small lung of fresh air for the industrial park, it is a garden that all the workers from the area can enjoy, whilst clients or factory workers can take a nap or rest a bit outside.

Each facade panel was carefully brought to the new building. As each panel left the last factory , the workers watched, in a process that was almost like watching loaves of bread leave the oven in a bakery.

The facade was made by the workers themselves, thereby strengthening the relationship between the building and its inhabitants.

Today, after three years, the panels look the same as the day they were made. The company is able to immediately show the products they create to new clients, before even entering the building.

The grey exterior played against the large, open space of the interior

Designed to contrast to the previous white buildings the facade panels were made in dark grey colour, which along with the gabled roof achieve a monolithic appearance. This further contrasts its own interior.

The windows open to the north, providing continuous interior light that doesn’t change too much during the working hours.

The aim was to reduce the use of artificial lightning, and instead take advantage of the natural light.

Vers une Industrie Légère is a place where industry, environment and people can co-exist in harmony whilst valuing the surrounding landscape and nature.

Authors Gramática Arquitectónica
Location Barro, Galicia, Spain
Year 2018
Surface 1800 sqm
Client Pomasa
Team Teresa Sánchez Táboas, Andrés Suárez Outeda, Josep Ramón Solé, Jose Antonio García Otero
Collaborators Construcciones Fontexil (Construction), Formica (Façade Panels), Gomez Viso S.A. (Structure), O Piñeiro (Landscape)
Photography Luis Díaz Díaz

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