VOJ - The Lake House

VOJ is a small lake house located in Vojka nad Dunajom, Slovakia, designed by Slovakian office JRKVC.

Vojka nad Dunajom is a village and municipality in south-west Slovakia, on the shores of the Danube.

During the design process of the lake house, JRKVC focused on finding the essence of a holiday home—a complement to family life. The house serves as a refuge for a family of five living in the capital.

Based in Bratislava, JRKVC is an architectural practice led by Peter Jurkovič.

An opportunity to spend free time with family and friends in the countryside

A single-storey bungalow is organised around a central living area with a fireplace. Secondary functions are shifted sideways, their volume wraps around the living room.

The folding doors allow the users to open the living room to the south terrace.

An asymmetrical hipped roof covers the spaces. Over the south terrace it creates a valuable space protected against sun and rain.

JRKVC has also explored these threshold spaces in other projects, as in the AnuAzu weekend cottage in Vojka nad Dunajom and the IST — Family house in Čunovo.

Inside, the roof creates an additional space to accommodate additional guests or a hideout for kids.

In the exterior, the slightly bigger projection of the roof protects the facades and creates a perimeter hallway.

Understood as a refuge, according to the architect, “all attention was paid to the essential part of the house, which is the inside. There we find the beauty, colours and textures”.

The interior space hosts a diverse but clear material palette, including the natural structural timber, white and colour panels and ceramics.

The exterior of the cabin is almost monochrome, just natural wood and white painted cladding. No details.

Author JRKVC (Peter Jurkovič)
Year 2016
Surface 65 sqm
Location Vojka nad Dunajom, Slovakia
Photography Peter Jurkovič

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