West Side
by a/LTA

The project is located in the Cleunay area southwest of Rennes, participating in the renewal of the fringe of activities.

It is located on a plot of land with a surface area of 1,400m²

The Cleunay sector presents a range of urban forms: residential fabric, suburban and collective housing estates from various periods as well as changing activity spaces.

The building aligns with the neighbouring building, creating a certain coherence on the scale of a city entrance. The four levels project surmounts two basements dedicated to parking.

The unique volume of metallic materiality is made up of large double-height bays. With its parallelepipedal geometry, it "asserts" the ambiguity of two double levels that actually house four levels of plateaus.

The regular grid of 1.35m gives rhythm to this ensemble and gives to read "urban windows" that dialogue with the close and more distant environment.

The horizontals are marked by UPN-type metal elements, creating a modenature borrowed from the register of 20th century industrial hotels with timeless writing.

Their thickness varies progressively in altimetry to boost the general volume.

In the same constructive logic, verticals frame the glazed areas and mark the entrances to the ground floor.

The pedestrian access to the North naturally constitutes the addressing of the building

To the south, an external metal staircase, initially for emergency purposes, constitutes the informal space for meetings between platforms, encouraging emulation between users.

The architecture of the building responds to common sense objectives in terms of light input, solar orientation criteria and work-related uses. The grid allows to satisfy these issues.

It brings both homogeneity and flexibility, particularly in terms of reversibility to the project.

The landscaping sets up the building in the natural topography of the plot. With no fences, the land's surroundings remain clear in keeping with the site's original conditions.

The open space design is punctuated by walkways giving access to the ground floor cells and the common entrance.

Author a/LTA
Location Rennes, France
Year 2021
Surface 3.514 sqm
Cost 4.300.000 € HT
Photography Charly Broyez

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