ZIO apartment block
Alexis Papadopoulos Architectural Practice

A four-storey apartment block with six apartments, located in Limassol, Cyprus, was designed to create a pleasant living experience while optimising construction and maximising material and energy savings.

The waffle slab system was chosen to reduce the cost for the formworks and to lessen the total weight of the reinforced concrete structure.

Designed by Alexis Papadopoulos Architectural Practice, the compact central volume of the cube-shaped block is juxtaposed with lightweight metal structures that are the suspended balconies for private outdoor use.

The compact block includes a high level of insulation aiming to leave a small ecological footprint and be economically efficient. Shadings for the edifice and solar, power-generating, panels were placed to maximize the building’s orientation.

The cantilevered balconies are metal hinged additions that don’t affect the sturdiness of the rest of the structure.

The structural system used, a strong core and columns only on the perimeter of the building, allows flexibility in floor plan design.

Computational optimisation techniques were applied to determine the structural system of the project in order to minimize the impact of seismic activity. This led to a decrease in the amount of reinforcement needed for the construction, given the small cross-sections of the structural elements.

Two-bedroom apartments were created on the first floors while two three-bedroom apartments were created on the upper floors.

Serving the different needs of the users while following the urban planning regulations.

The ceiling of each typology was designed independently so that the functional, aesthetic and structural needs of the building are served.

Special attention was given to the floor design of the apartments, a combination of materials that tends to unify the spaces disregarding the separation walls.

A roof garden acts as a common recreation area through lightweight structures, adding to the building’s overall aesthetic.

Which covers up the mechanical floor.

Author Alexis Papadopoulos Architectural Practice (Alexis Papadopoulos, Maria Protou)
Team Alexis Papadopoulos, Despo Anagiotou, Despo Panayidou, Maria Protou, Andreas Aristodemou
Collaborators Odysseas Georgiou, Savvas Hadjichambis (Civil Engineer), Makis Ioakim (Electrical Engineer), Savvas Aristeidou (Mechanical Engineer), Thomas Thoma (Quantity Surveyor), Ioannides Lighting (Lighting)
Year 2021
Surface 734 sqm
Location Limassol, Cyprus
Photography Creative Photo Room

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