Encounter Iced Sound
by rotative studio

rotative studio was invited by Zürich-based composer and musician Ramon Landolt, to create a pavilion in Schiffbauplatz, Zürich,  on the occasion of his project ‘Iced Sound’, for which he composed ‘music by and for glaciers’, through field recordings, algorithm processing and performances with various artists in Alpine glacier caves and crevasses.

The pavilion and its sound installation represents a glacier talking to the city. The sound installation embedded in the facades of the pavilion, interacts with the visitors and the surrounding urban soundscape. 

The spatial expression of the pavilion reflects, and makes experienceable, what we can not see, and in this case, hear; the story of a fragile landscapes, that are slowly, gradually, but also ever faster, changing, as a result of human, action(s). The pavilion, with its subjective acoustical and visual voice, embodies this tension, as a sonic exploration of the climate crisis. 

The pavilion as a public room remained on the Schiffbauplatz for three weeks, so the sounds were accessible to all and listeners can approach the topic at their own pace, yet always in a simultaneity of urban and remote alpine sounds. 

During this period Landolt will organize a series of performances in and around the pavilion, with invited musicians, who have performed Landolt’s compositions specifically written for the performer and the glacier where the performance has taken place. 

The pavilion's structure, built with Andreas Lindegger, is composed by a wood frame painted in blue and covered with white curved panels, as an analogy with the glacial landscape.

A project by rotative studio
Location Schiffbauplatz, Zürich
Year 2023
Collaborator: Composer and musician Ramon Landolt
Construction Produced at Workshop Schauspielhaus Zürich
Support Moods, Kulturförderung St. Gallen, Migros Kultur Prozent
Photography Courtesy of rotative studio

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